Redvo and Chris have been amazing. When he first met Chris he advised that we should not continue our current market plan and totally adjust our strategy. He came up with some fantastic campaigns that are getting a fantastic ROI on the marketing campaigns. Chris has truly showed that he has an interest in our success and not just selling something. He is always available to answer questions and takes a very genuine interest in our success and the success of our marketing campaigns

Stephen Cox , Managing Member
TPD Mortgage Solutions

I tried to generate my own leads though radio, TV and online, however I was not getting the right ROI that I was looking for. There are so many Personal Injury lawyers advertising everywhere. I gave redvo a chance with a 300 call test, we did so well, that we have been working together ever since.

Lawrence A Witsu, Owner
Law Office of Lawrence A Witsu

As a major call center with multiple locations in Southern California we are always looking for new ways to get our phones ringing. Chris with his creative team have always generated fresh qualified leads to our centers. We have been working with him for many years now and we can always rely on him to deliver.

Adam Owens, CEO
Student Loan Assistance Center

I have built and sold a few businesses with a hefty profit thanks to Chris. I’ve been working with Chris for over 13 years and always trusted his decisions to keep my call center phones ringing. He comes with creative solutions that are tailored to my business. I can’t recommend him enough.

Eddie Braxton, CEO
Revelation Debt Relief

Before we started working with redvo we were very hesitant because we were used to the old way of generating leads for our call center. Once I pulled the trigger and stayed working with redvo, we have seen more qualified patients coming to our surgery center with the best private insurance. Even during the recession, redvo created a campaign that delivered results.

Esther Lopez, Vice President Marketing Pomona Valley Treatment Center

NTMA Training Centers is a non-profit machinist school. It was very tough for our schools to generate students due to our accreditation and locations. Chris created a campaign that drove more calls to our call centers than we ever had since we opened our doors in 1988.

Michael Kerwin, President
NTMA Training Centers

With so many different lead generation companies out there, Chris at redvo is the only honest company I have ever worked with. He tells me the truth about the quality of the leads. There are times where he told me to wait until he feels that he can get me better leads. NO ONE IN THE INDUSTRY WILL EVER SAY THAT!

John Michaels, CEO
All American Tax Solutions

I had my own SMS and Ringless Voicemail platforms but redvo advertising got us a high delivery rate and they are fully compliant. My inbound calls went up, conversion rate went up and my ROI went up. My reps are very happy.

Rick Nova, CEO
CLW Debt Solutions

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