The date for 2019’s LeadsCon has been set at March 4-6 at the Mirage in Las Vegas, so it’s time to start planning to make the most of it.

LeadsCon 2018 has come and gone, and with it, marketers and lead generation experts find themselves that much more educated and excited for next year. With the announcement of the 2019 conference in March, many are already looking forward to the next conference and making their new knowledge count in the meantime.

It is critical that attendees of the 2019 conference don’t neglect to complement their LeadsCon knowledge with the additional tactics that make LeadsCon’s approach truly effective. For instance, remnant marketing, which enables companies to grab low-priced ad slots and escape the competition with top bidders, all while earning market share and views.

“Other tactics include direct response marketing, which provokes and immediate response in leads and prompts them to move further down the funnel, or radio advertising – a seriously overlooked medium,” says Fadi Faraj, CEO of Redvo. 

“Radio and television ads can reach 94% of the population each week,” he adds. “With proper mixing and matching of tactics, you can get your message in front of your ideal customers, track your results, and know precisely how well each dollar you spend is performing for you.”

Direct response television advertising is a critical addition to any company’s marketing suite. An ideal combination of visual and audio communication, television ads combine the ability to demonstrate a product with the immediacy of direct calls to action.

Another perk many direct response advertisers appreciate, especially in a highly-competitive marketplace, is that this form of advertising fully complies with TCPA regulations. That’s because consumers are the ones who do the calling when they see or hear the ads, resulting in inbound leads rather than outbound telemarketing.

Those who missed LeadsCon 2018 in Las Vegas or can’t make the 2019 reprise should consider Connect to Convert, LeadsCon’s conference and expo in Boston, held at the Westin Boston Waterfront from October 3-5. The conference will discuss acquisition and conversions for both B2B and B2C companies and represents either a substitute or complementary event to the Las Vegas LeadsCon conferences.

Anyone who wants to attend either conference should not only book their slot but should start thinking now about the additional marketing strategies they will use to build company success.

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