Attending LeadsCon 2018? Smart move… but if you stop at live transfers, you’re leaving your best leads on the table.Lead Generation, Lead Generation Tactics

Most businesses have a difficult time generating leads. Smart marketers head to LeadsCon 2018 to line up a steady stream of live transfers… just like everyone else out there.

If you’re going, congratulations are in order, because that shows you understand the value of packing your sales funnel with hot leads. It won’t be hard to come home with a plan to pack your prospect pipeline with people who want what you sell.


That’s only part of the picture. If you want the kind of lead quality and volume your competitors who rely solely on live transfers can’t touch, keep reading. You’re about to learn about four advertising tactics you can use to amplify your efforts: remnant marketing, direct response marketing, direct response radio advertising, and direct response television advertising.

Before you dismiss any of these tactics, assuming they can’t help you reach your prospects, stay tuned. As Fadi Faraj, CEO of Redvo, says, “Radio and television ads can reach 94% of the population. With proper mixing and matching of tactics, you can get your message in front of your ideal customers, track your results, and know precisely how well each dollar you spend is performing for you.”

#1: LeadsCon PLUS Remnant MarketingRemnant Marketing

Remnant marketing is one of the best ways to attract the leads you need to fill out your pipeline and generate new business at all times. As we’ve already discussed, only with a full pipeline can you guarantee profits both now and in the future.

Remnant marketing is a simple strategy that makes the most of your ad dollars. Instead of paying for pricey ad slots, you instead prepare your ads ahead of time, then wait for your marketing network to alert you to last-minute, unfilled slots. Because the media outlet is strongly motivated to place ads, you can get them for a fraction of the price they would otherwise charge. Bingo: you’ve just made the most of your marketing budget.

#2: LeadsCon PLUS Direct Response Marketing

Brand marketing can be highly effective for big brands, but when smaller companies take this route, they’re left wondering not only whether

they’ve wasted half of their marketing budget… but which half. Direct response marketing provokes an immediate response and leads your prospects to take the next step into your sales funnel. That could look like subscribing to your email list, making a phone call to get more information, or placing an order.

This tactic is trackable, so you know precisely which of your ads brought the new customer in. It’s also measurable, so you can determine your ROI for every marketing dollar you invest. Direct response campaigns can be tailored to reach very specific audiences with the message most likely to resonate with them. It also makes nurturing your leads easy, because you know exactly where they are in your funnel and what may be standing in the way of them taking action.

#3: LeadsCon PLUS Radio AdvertisingRadio Advertising

Direct response radio advertising is any kind of radio ad that asks the listener to take another step, like calling or visiting a business either online or in-person. You can run your ad when and where your ideal customers are most likely to be listening to maximize your results.

A direct response radio and starts with a hook that grabs your prospect’s attention. Then it paints a picture of the problem your product or service solves in a way that leaves listeners eager to find out more. Finally, most of these ads give your phone number twice, so your new customer can jot it down and give you a call.

#4: LeadsCon PLUS TV Advertising


Direct response television advertising is the perfect choice for advertisers whose products and services are visually-enticing or that would benefit from a demonstration. But it’s also a great choice if you want to pull viewers’ heartstrings, use humor to build a connection, or dazzle them with some new innovation.

Most direct response TV ads feature an 800-number or website in their call to action. Ads typically run either 30- or 60-seconds. Because of how DRTV campaigns run, you will get actionable metrics that will prove invaluable as you decide how to allocate your marketing dollars, which audiences to target, and what platforms and times are most fruitful for you.

So, Should You Skip LeadsCon 2018? No… But Don’t Stop There.LeadsCon annual conference Las Vegas

LeadsCon is an annual conference that takes place in Las Vegas and Boston. It helps businesses learn more about generating and converting the leads their business relies on. As the name suggests, the entire conference focuses on helping attendees recognize leads and convert them to active clients and customers. While numerous strategies exist for doing so, many people don’t know all of those strategies… or indeed any of them.

One of the main cornerstones of LeadCon’s approach is that good marketing requires accountability. If you’re not measuring your marketing techniques to ensure they’re meeting your needs, you’re not going to be successful. Or at least, you won’t be as successful as you could be, and might, therefore, be leaving a pile of money on the table.

But even if you go, and you should, you can get even better results by deploying radio or television ads, direct response marketing, and remnant marketing. Together, these tactics will deliver all the leads you could ever want.

One final benefit you should consider as you evaluate your advertising options is that with live transfers and direct response television and radio, you can safeguard your business from violating TCPA regulations. As the consumer is the one initiating phone contact in response to your ads, you will never need to make an outbound call to sell. That not only makes for a safer advertising strategy but also gets your relationship with your prospects off to a friendlier start because you only talk with people who truly want to talk with you.

Looking for additional leads volume and quality beyond anything you can line up at LeadsCon 2018? We invite you to get in touch with us today through our website or by giving us a call at (323) 543-4141. We would love to help you get all the leads you can handle, using the proven strategies your competitors don’t even know to use.