The right final expense pay per lead service is the solution you need to stop chasing leads and start closing.

Does it feel like you spend the majority of your time chasing down leads? Final expense pay per lead services provide you with real-time warm leads that are ready to buy now.

When it comes to your insurance business, the lead chase can wear down your sanity not to mention your bank account. Paying per lead means you are only paying for a connection when the prospect has shown interest in purchasing your product.

A pay per lead service brings the warm lead directly to you. Your only focus is closing the sale. It doesn’t get much easier than that to grow your final expense insurance business.

You Answer the Call, They Buy

After all of the time and energy you have put into trying to find warm leads, it may seem unbelievable that you can actually have a continual supply of leads ready to buy.

But it’s not.

That’s what the right pay per lead services are all about.

You only pay once the prospect has been qualified and verified as someone who is ready to purchase final expense insurance. The real-time transfer means there is less time for them to change their minds. Taking advantage of this in-the-moment lead means your job to close the sale is easier than ever. No more convincing or persuading. These leads know what they want and they want your final expense insurance.

Buffer Time Means You Only Pay When the Getting Is Good

It typically takes some time to determine if a lead is worthy of your investment. That’s why a buffer time is so important to your bottom line. At Redvo Advertising, you can choose from a 90-second and 120-second buffer before you are billed for a call. This gives your expert team time to connect with the lead to determine if they are truly interested in moving forward with the purchase.

If you determine within that timeframe if there is no real interest, you don’t receive a bill. It’s that simple.

There’s no reason to spend money on dead-end leads. When you work with Redvo, you don’t have to! You can make sure each lead you pay for is ready to move forward. In fact, the leads we send you will be:

  • Hyper-targeted, high-intent, and high quality
  • 100% opted-in
  • Warmed up by our lead generation experts before we transfer the call to you
  • Typically, between the ages of 55-75 with one thing on their minds: final expense insurance
  • Financially able to purchase the coverage—average and most frequent coverage amount is $25,000

Pay Per Lead Services Made Simple and Successful

Most insurance sales people are familiar with the process of typical pay per lead services. It can seem a little bit like a crap shoot—paying for leads and not being sure if they are truly worth the investment.

At Redvo Advertising, you can put those worries behind you. Our leads are worth it. Always. We take the time necessary to qualify them and ensure they are right for your business. These leads have a true interest in purchasing final expense insurance. Once you receive the call, you can cut to the chase and close the sale.

Imagine how much time this service can save you. This is time you can focus on other important tasks to grow your business. Once you get started with Redvo’s pay per lead services, you’ll wonder how you managed to keep your business going before.   

Reach Out to Redvo for Proven Pay Per Lead Services and Close Those Sales

Why choose Redvo Advertising for your lead generation services? Because we have the proven results and track record you can trust. Our call center is on-shore and all of our data is TCPA compliant. What’s more, we have years of experience in final expense vertical—there’s no need for testing—we know exactly what we are doing and have the satisfied, long-term customers to prove it.

It’s time to experience for your insurance business how we have been able to deliver higher closing ratios and ROIs for our customers for years. It’s not magic or luck—it’s a pay per lead strategy that works. Our 5-star reviews don’t lie!

Connect with our team at Redvo Advertising now to learn more about our pay per lead services for final expense insurance. Contact us through our website or call (323) 543-4141.