No more wild goose chases! It’s time to shorten your sales cycle through live transfer leads for final expense insurance.

Is the daily grind of chasing down leads wearing you down? Live transfer leads for final expense insurance may be the missing ingredient to your day-to-day prospecting routine.

There’s no longer a need to spend time working with people who aren’t even close to buying when you can focus your efforts on qualified leads that are calling you for request for coverage.

That’s right—they are calling YOU and are ready to buy.

Receive Final Expense Leads That Are Right Where You Want Them

At Redvo Advertising, we hyper-target high-intent, high-quality transfers that are ready to purchase final expense insurance in the moment you receive their call. Our expert team pre-qualifies and “warms” all leads before transferring them to you, so you are getting fresh and hot leads. In fact, our team has a higher closing rate than the insurance lead industry standards.

We know you don’t have time to work with prospects that aren’t ready to move forward with a purchase. That’s why we take extra effort to ensure each caller we send your way is already excited and ready to roll with final expense insurance.

You Focus Only on Making the Sale

Our years of experience in final expense vertical means there’s no testing necessary. We have this effective lead generation system down to a science. We do the grunt work to warm the lead, and you work your magic to close the sale.

Some other fast facts about our final expense lead service:

  • We offer a 90 and 120-second buffer before you are billed for each call
  • Most of our final expense leads are between ages 55-75—the ideal age span for this type of insurance
  • We consistently earn 5-star reviews from our satisfied clients
  • Our call center is on-shore and all of our data is TCPA compliant
  • We are up-to-date on new laws and regulations
  • We offer call routing when needed
  • $25,000 is the average and most frequent coverage amount the leads we send your way tend to buy

Imagine how your business could grow when you are able to cut-down time spent working with cold or lukewarm leads. Getting live transfer leads means you are working only with the prospects that have already said, “Yes, I want this final expense insurance coverage.” Our streamlined system will spare your sanity, free you up to focus on other business tasks and multiply your profits fast.

Is a Live Transfer Leads Service Right for Your Business?

The better question is: how can you afford not to use live transfer leads for your business? This service solves so many problems for final expense insurance companies. You will no longer have to weed through leads to determine which ones are worth your time or work hard to convince a prospect that final expense insurance is what they need.

Those time-consuming and often challenging tasks are done for you. This means if you only have a few sales reps or even just one rep working for you—you will have the capacity to close sales and give your insurance business the boost it has needed for a while now.

We send you the hot leads.

You close the leads.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Level-Up with Our Live Transfer Leads for Final Expense Insurance

You know you have the insurance product that’s right for your target market. Now it’s time to get the results you’ve known you should be getting all along. At Redvo Advertising, we are proud to bring 100+ years of combined marketing experience and extensive industry knowledge to the table. There’s a reason we have been able to deliver higher closing ratios and greater ROIs for our customers than they have ever before experienced.  

It’s time to take advantage of our live transfer leads for final expense insurance for yourself. Get in touch with our team at Redvo Advertising today through our website or by calling (323) 543-4141. Get ready to see the business boom the hottest leads can bring.