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Remnant advertising is a little-known but enormously useful addition to any company’s marketing suite. Yet surprisingly, few have heard of it. Despite its relative obscurity, remnant advertising is the plain and simple solution to a tight ad budget. It allows you to compete in a crowded marketplace without mortgaging your soul or future.

Because let’s be honest: Unless your company starts with a “Coca” or a “Mc” or a “Wal,” chances are you don’t have infinitely deep pockets full of marketing dollars. Instead, you have to make do with what you’ve got. Luckily, with remnant advertising, “what you’ve got” just got a whole lot better.

Plus, with remnant ads running on radio and television, advertisers need not worry about potentially violating TCPA regulations like those who use outbound telemarketing do. Because any phone calls resulting from an ad come from the consumer to the company, there’s no danger of breaching the strict rules about telemarketing.

So, What Is Remnant Advertising?

Remnant advertising is also called remainder advertising and last-minute advertising. The latter name should give you a hint about its primary trait, which is that it is advertising you buy at the 11th hour. It’s like getting a discounted fare on a soon-to-depart plane that still has seats to fill. Remnant advertising offers you a steep discount for ad spots that aren’t yet full when a program or publication is about to go live.

As with the airline company, media outlets are strongly motivated to fill any spots leftover at the time of launch. When a television show airs, when a radio program kicks off or when a newspaper goes to press, the clock is ticking. They can’t leave big blank spots in the program or layout, and if they don’t have other content to put there, it will look bad. Enter cheap advertising, which allows them to fill the space. Even more exciting, it allows you to market for much less than you otherwise could. Sounds pretty good, right?

Remnant Advertising: Are There Any Downsides?

There are a few downsides to remnant media, The Balance points out. For one thing, you need multiple ads ready to go in multiple formats at all times. As soon as you’re contacted with a spot, you must prepare to fill it with the right kind of text ad copy, visual ad or multimedia clip. If you don’t have the specified format on hand when you get the call, you’ll lose out.

Additionally, The Balance claims, you don’t have much control over where or how your ad runs. Due to the nature of the game, spots often open up at less desirable times or in less desirable parts of a publication. Spending more dollars gives you more control over placement. But with remnant advertising, brokers inform you where the ad will show up.

It doesn’t take much to see how these so-called weaknesses, however, are actually strengths. For one thing, these facts often run other advertisers off. That means these spots are open a lot more often than other spots, and for a lot less. If you have a small advertising budget, it’s much cheaper to prepare lots of different content types and then wait for a call from your remnant advertising network than it is to jostle with competitors for ridiculously high-priced slots.

For another, to say that the ad may end up somewhere undesirable is kind of silly. All exposure is good exposure, so long as it casts you in a positive light. Plus, not all remnant advertising runs late at night or at the back of a magazine. Plenty of spots open up during primetime television, for example, or in the middle of a magazine. It’s the luck of the draw, and remnant advertisers will always win out.

Get Expert Remnant Advertising Help Today

Of course, it’s hard to win big unless you have the right help from a remnant advertising agency. We understand the complex ins and outs of making the most of each opportunity.

Do you, for instance, know the best type of ad to run on remnant radio? Are you equipped to select the right print ad for a newspaper or magazine at the last minute? Can you match up ad specs and color choices with the guidelines of that particular publication? Do you know which ads work best at which times of day, with which types of TV programming? Can you nab an 85% discount to get commercial rates because you’ve got decades of experience buying remnant space?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you probably don’t need our help. On the other hand, if you, like most, started scratching your head, then chances are you’ll benefit from some expert assistance. We can help with:

  • remnant radio advertising
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Ready to learn more about remnant advertising and how it can help your company stand out from the masses? Give us a call at (323) 543-4141 or contact us online today, and we’ll help you choose a plan and approach that works for you. Get ready to put yourself out there and build the business of your dreams.

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