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If you’ve never heard of pay per call marketing, you’re missing out.

Pay per call marketing may just be one of the most powerful forms out there today. Its amazing ability to drive customer conversions lies in the fact that by the time consumers get in touch with you, they are already warmed up by one or several contacts with your brand. That contact can consist of single or multiple types of media. But the result is the same. Pay per inquiry ensures their interest and saves you money.

Wouldn’t you like to see more results from your advertising budget? How about avoiding payment unless a lead actually gets in touch? That’s where pay per call comes in. Time to find out more today.

A Variety of Media to Generate Powerful Interest

Getting in touch with your prospects demands a delicate balance. You want to leverage the right marketing collateral and save money while doing it. Pay per call lead generation can help you do both.

Our services use radio, TV, digital, outdoor ads and print to bring you maximum exposure. Consumers may see your ad once and call in. That’s often not enough for them, though. The beautiful thing about pay per call is that they may need one touch or a dozen, but you still pay the same rate.

The best benefit from combining multiple media is that consumers have multiple sensory experiences to connect them with you. Your jingle may get stuck in their head. Your logo floats in front of their eyes when they’re trying to choose between you and a competitor. If you want the furthest reach for the least ad spend, this is how you do it. Combine powerful marketing tactics with a pay per call model that stretches the budget as far as it will go.

Here are five other benefits our Pay Per Call clients love:

  1. They only pay when the call comes in to the call center.
  2. This is a great way to test a medium or market without upfronting the marketing budget.
  3. It helps them avoid bad marketing decisions.
  4. They can control the volume of calls.
  5. More accurate tracking makes it a snap to see the metrics that matter most. 

Interactive Communication Handled for You

Our scripts, like our advertising, are creative. They target the caller’s interests and needs, all without sounding cheesy or salesy. The result is communication of your message to the people who need it most. Plus, you can reach them without turning them off or making them doubt your honesty. When callers reach our call center, we:

  • Use powerful interactive voice technology to direct their call. We keep them on the phone until a real, live, non-robot human can pick up.
  • Answer with a friendly, helpful tone that puts them at ease.
  • Immediately assess their interest level through targeted questions.
  • Follow a script proven to convert.
  • Tailor the conversation to meet the needs of those who aren’t quite ready to spring.
  • Remind callers of the benefits of your brand.
  • Transfer them to you once they’re warmed up and ready.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait as we generate the pay per call leads you’ve been looking for. Our personnel will create the advertising you need to bring callers in. Then we turn those callers into willing customers.

Warm Pay Per Call Leads Transferred Right to Your “Doorstep”

One of the biggest benefits to per inquiry advertising is how much it frees up your time. Your marketing specialist takes care of everything. We generate the creatives and contract with broadcast networks or print media. Then we help you buy pay per call leads that convert.

Meanwhile, all you have to do is what you do best. Stop worrying about cold calls or massive email campaigns. They only take away from your real purpose: serving the clients and customers who need you.

Are you ready to learn more about pay per call advertising and how it can help you build your business? Redvo Advertising would love to help you consider your options and make a plan right away. Learn more about us or just get in touch today. Our team is standing by to take your call and the calls of all your prospects for years to come.

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