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So, you’re considering media buying planning services? There’s just one problem. You’re not quite sure what that means or how to do it. Keep reading to find out.

If the term “media buying planning services” makes as much sense to you as an Ancient Greek aphorism, don’t worry. You’re not alone. No one understands Ancient Greek aphorisms or obscure marketing terms.

Media planning, media placement, and media buying are insider phrases. Therefore, many people don’t know what to make of them. What does it mean to use a media buying and planning service? What is the role of media planning in advertising? What should you look for in top media buying agencies?

Good questions all. Let’s start with a definition of what media buying is, where planning comes in, and why you need help from a media buying agency if you want to to do the job right. Once you understand the benefits of this advertising technique, you can begin to save money. You’ll also get more business and see your company and life benefit as a direct result.

Moreover, you can use a service that many of your competitors are not. That gives you an immediate edge in the marketplace. Edging out the competition is 90 percent of the battle when it comes to advertising. So, that’s definitely a good thing. Let’s jump in.

What Is Media Buying and Planning?

First and foremost, what do media buying companies do? In a nutshell, media planning and buying is the process of garnering ad placements. This is your inventory or the available ad space through which you can transmit your message to your prospects. The problem? Getting the right inventory for the right price is an extremely tricky prospect.

If you have advertised your products before, you’ve likely had the experience of paying too much for your services only to see little results. When you face a devastatingly low ROI and the wipeout of your marketing budget, life gets pretty dispiriting. Why does this happen? Because media buying and planning is super tough. Doing it right requires:

  • Closely tailored audience profiles that turn eyeballs into real calls, visits and email signups
  • Deep industry expertise when it comes to bidding on ads
  • A firm strategy guiding which types of ads you purchase
  • Close matching of ad medium to the ad message
  • The ability to analyze metrics to figure out what is and isn’t working
  • An overarching plan that dictates what kind of ad space you need and when
  • Comprehensive sales funnels
  • Nuanced messaging that changes from product to product and service to service

In the past, you may not have experienced much success because you were missing one or more of the above components. The result? You got frustrated. Maybe you gave up. Or maybe you’ve spent the time since then halfheartedly tinkering with ads but not really going anywhere.

Why You Need Media Buying Planning Services Today

That’s not going to work, obviously. So how can a media planning agency help you out? The main service we offer is removing a burdensome, technical, and difficult duty from your plate. With years of experience completing the above tasks again and again for a range of clients, we can say with assurance that our strategies work.

No longer should you wallow in frustration. Now you have a media planning and buying agency that is here to help you over the long term. With tested strategies and a unique ability to create marketing positioning that makes you stand out from the rest, you’ll start seeing success right away. Expert ad bids, planning, negotiating and placement will ensure your message reaches your audience stat.

It’s time to…

Make a Plan That Works with Redvo Advertising

No matter how effective a marketing tactic is in and of itself, it won’t mean much in the end if you don’t work with the right company. Unfortunately, many marketing services bill themselves as right for you when they’re not. Media buying and planning requires a lot of knowledge. At Redvo Advertising, we’ve been doing this for more than 15 years. Born in radio and television, our business now serves all marketing channels. If you need an ad placed, we’ll help you do it, for less than you would have thought possible.

Would you like to learn more about our media buying planning services? We understand that these aren’t the most intuitive advertising techniques. We would be happy to help you explore them today. Call 323-543-4141 or click to contact us with any questions you might have. Our team will take as much time as necessary to answer them. If you’d prefer to jumpstart your business success by forming a plan today, we can do that as well. Whatever moving forward looks like for you, let’s move forward!

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