Response TV

DRTV is a time-honored marketing mechanism, and if you’re not using it, you’re missing out.

Direct response TV has a bit of a goofy reputation. Think Billy Mays the OxyClean guy, who sadly passed away in the middle of an impressively successful career. Some laugh at direct response television, with its enthusiastic spokespeople. But guess what?

It works, works, works. Billy Mays is an excellent example here, too. Was he a little goofy? Yes. Did he inspire a parody or two? You bet. But did he help make OxyClean one of the biggest and most successful cleaning agents on the market today? He did, and all because direct response television marketing is a tremendously successful way to reach customers.

So, Which Channels Can You Reach?

Do you wish you could emulate the success of this company, which now holds an impregnable stake in its niche? Well, you can – and you can do it in such a way that feels comfortable to you and builds your business at the same time.

How about if you could get your message onto channels like:

  • NBC
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Fox
  • Univision
  • Entravision
  • ESPN
  • The Walt Disney Company

Even better, since we’re coming up on two decades of experience in this type of media buying, we’re able to get wholesale pricing for our clients. That means when you work with Redvo, you never pay premium prices to get on these channels. We’re betting that sounds pretty good. So, read on to find out more.

Direct Response TV and Your Customer

Over the last three decades, Hubspot points out, direct response TV advertising has proven itself an extremely valuable form of marketing. It is cost-effective and measurable. Plus, it brings real, live bodies to your literal or virtual doorstep. Customers respond to direct response advertising, plain and simple. They pick up the phone. They whip out their devices. Then they order over the internet, and they walk in the front door of your business.

The bottom line? Whether they’re immediately convinced or want to come see the merchandise firsthand, customers take action when they experience a direct response campaign. They might roll their eyes when an ad comes on. But the power behind direct response companies is such that when a spokesperson talks to a viewer, that viewer listens up.

As humans, we are simply wired this way. We respond to other people. That’s why any marketing approach that engenders a direct conversation between customer and spokesperson is so effective. Now, just how does that work for you?

What about TCPA Regulations?

This may be one of the best benefits that come from using direct response television. Advertisers who use telemarketing know the perils of violating the strict regulations about who they can call and when. Make a mistake, and you face staggering fines.

With direct response television, that risk is completely eliminated. That’s because there is no outbound telemarketing whatsoever. A viewer simply watches your ad, picks up the phone, and calls you (or your call center). This arrangement means there is zero chance of being smacked by costly legal penalties.

Direct Response TV and You

If you want to be successful in a DRTV media campaign, you need to learn the basics first. These include:

  • What you can market through direct response TV agencies
  • How best to craft a message that will reach your viewership
  • What types of programs combine well with your products and services
  • How often to run ads
  • What length your ad should be
  • How to grab up unfilled slots at the last minute to make the most of your marketing budget
  • How to split your budget between direct response television advertising and other forms of marketing
  • How to test the effectiveness of each ad type
  • What types of audiences you should market to

Obviously, if you want to meet the lofty goal of reaching and converting lots of new prospects, you need to have a good plan in place. The techniques needed to make a good impression on viewers and transform them into real leads aren’t intuitive.

That’s where help comes in.

Win Big with Expert Direct Response TV Marketing

At the end of the day, direct response TV marketing may not be what you think of when you imagine a streamlined marketing campaign. But that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. In fact, if the 30-year history of this marketing approach tells you anything, it should tell you that working with a DRTV agency is absolutely one of the best ways to stretch your ad dollar and convert the people who matter most. Want those clients and customers to head to your front door… and stay for life?

It’s time to stop ignoring this incredibly powerful advertising medium. Not only does it work, but many of your competitors are overlooking it, making it even more powerful. Don’t make the same mistake when you could instead be making lots of money.

Want to learn how direct response TV makes a profitable splash on television? Click or give us a call at Redvo by dialing (323) 543-4141. You can also check out our services to learn more about which ones work for you. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to let us know. It’s time to give your business the boost it deserves, so get in touch today.

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