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If you haven’t yet considered a direct response radio advertising, then you haven’t given your business a fair shot at success. Let’s correct that.

Direct response radio may not be what you think of when you imagine a fully fleshed-out marketing campaign. After all, video killed the radio star, right?

Wrong. When it comes to direct response advertising, radio is one of the most powerful tools in your box. It is easy to measure, reaches a huge audience and has proven itself successful over decades. Because radio is such a well-established medium, it has withstood the test of time. Magazines and newspapers are tearing out their hair putting up paywalls and trying desperately to monetize their viewership. But radio has quietly gone on with the show, providing the same advertising value they always have.

The question is if those advertising slots are effective and available, why aren’t you using them in your marketing campaigns? The answer is, you really don’t have an excuse. So, let’s dive in and learn more today.

What is Direct Response Radio?

Direct response radio is any radio ad that asks the listener to get in touch with the company directly. Think of radio ads that open with an entertaining hook. They explain the service and then offer a phone number or website where the listener can learn more. Typically, the ad gives contact information twice, helping ensure that the listener knows where to find them. Now, the audience member may not write down the number or pick up the phone right away. But they’ll certainly know where to head the next time they need that service.

Direct response radio is, therefore, one of the most powerful ways to reach your audience on a normal workday. Want to advertise during the morning or evening commute? During a lunch hour or even midmorning, when many people are listening to the radio at their desks? You’re bound to get a captive audience. That increases your chances of getting a response directly from your customer, which is awesome.

The Direct Response Radio Advertising Difference

Marketing Sherpa says that one of the biggest perks of direct response radio advertising is its measurability. Radio stations are extremely good at measuring viewership and making sense of the numbers. They’re also good at identifying their demographics and getting your message into the right ears. That means they can pass those numbers on to you, complete with analysis of which ads work and which don’t, and what might work better next time.

Plus, according to the same source, radio often reaches people that television and print publications do not, helping you pick up “leftover” audiences that would otherwise escape your marketing efforts. That gives you a leg up on the competition, who may ignore this segment altogether.

Moreover, radio is an extremely high-exposure medium. What do we mean by that? Basically, consumers are very likely to listen to the same radio program, at the same time, over and over again each day. This is especially true of weekdays, where commutes rule the routine. That makes this an extremely stable marketing segment. You get the benefit of an audience you can use to test different approaches to your advertising while keeping other variables the same.

Further, direct response radio completely eliminates the risk of TCPA regulation violation by advertisers. That’s because consumers initiate all telephone communication rather. Not only does that make for a far more positive interaction because the consumer is in control instead of being interrupted during dinner; it also safeguards advertisers’ finances by protecting them from facing steep fines resulting from calling the wrong person at the wrong time.

The result is an audience that’s tremendously easy to target. Whether you’re new to advertising or a marketing pro, if you’re not leveraging radio, you’re letting your company down.

Get Expert Direct Response Advertising Help Today

If you’re ready to give radio a try, it’s time to call a qualified direct response radio advertising agency. That’s because if you just pick up the phone and call your local radio station, you’re unlikely to see the results you want.

Sure, they’ll take your ad dollars. They’ll let you spend as much as you like, in fact. But they won’t necessarily work hard to make sure your ads align with the right audiences. They won’t help you run the right tests or tweak your advertising message to meet the expectations of that audience. In the end, your message may get lost simply because you don’t have the right help. Don’t let that happen.

Instead, you can get the expert help that will turn your radio marketing experiment into a radio marketing triumph. Not only do we get our clients onto radio platforms like:

  • iHeart Radio
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Sirius XM
  • CBS Radio
  • Cumulus

But when you work with Redvo to get your message onto the radio, you spend a fraction of what you would if you bought space directly. It’s our nearly two decades of experience that allows our media buying team access wholesale pricing for our clients.

Are you ready to learn more about how direct response radio can help boost your business and make you a local name – or even a national one? It’s time to give Redvo a call today. Pick up the phone and dial (323) 543-4141 or check out our unique benefits today. No matter what you do, don’t wait. Your business deserves some TLC, and we can give it to you. Time to become a winner in your industry, so get in touch.

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