Direct Mail Marketing

How should direct mail marketing influence your marketing plan? If you think it shouldn’t at all, think again!

Wondering what role direct mail marketing should play in your marketing efforts? After all, haven’t we moved past the mailbox as a medium of advertising? Isn’t it all about the sales funnel, the email inbox, and the not-so-humble tweet?

This is a common misconception in today’s world. Digital media is no longer in its infancy. Now, people tend to assume that the direct mail campaign is antiquated and no longer useful. That’s not true at all, however. Direct mail still has plenty to offer you in the form of reaching customers you might not otherwise be able to access.

Plus, direct mail allows you to put your messaging in another form. The wider your range of advertising techniques, the better. Ready to learn more about mail and how direct mail marketing companies can help you make the impact you’ve been seeking? Here’s a brief primer to help you make the right decisions in your marketing efforts.

The Marketing Mistake You Might Be Making

Many people make the mistake of thinking direct mail no longer has relevance in today’s world. We like the idea of immediacy. For some advertisers, getting into the inbox is the end goal. But we know there’s more to it. What else do you need?

What you fail to take into account with this kind of thinking is the fact that many people aren’t in their inboxes that much. Is your audience comprised mostly of working-class people who spend the majority of their time in manual labor or factory work? They don’t have a lot of access time. Plus, many of those audience members have poorly organized email accounts clogged with spam. Your message is more likely to get buried than read – if they sign up for email at all.

This is only one example. Nor are we judging such an audience member. Everyone’s way of life is equally valid, but not everyone’s way of life is strongly digital. As a business owner or head of a marketing department, you’re no doubt in your inbox multiple times every day. You may not realize how little time others spend in a digital medium.

But mail? Well, everyone checks that. They have to since that’s where bills, tax forms and holiday cards all go. No matter who your audience member is, they are definitely “in” their physical mailbox. That makes direct mail marketing services much more valuable than you might have thought, now. Doesn’t it?

How Does Direct Mail Work?

Now let’s take a closer look at how direct mail advertising services actually work. It’s pretty basic:

  • You identify your target audience member, possibly with the help of a marketing agency that knows how to create detailed audience profiles that actually match your business.
  • You craft your message.
  • You create a direct mail marketing campaign that incorporates your brand colors, tagline, logo, offer, and contact information.
  • You use a list of qualified yet totally new leads that your competitors aren’t already hounding with their own offers.
  • You send people to a number at your office where they can ask questions and find out more about your services, or:
  • Better yet, you use a marketing agency’s call center services, so that we can turn that lead into a “warm transfer,” all ready to hear your pitch when we patch them through to your office.
  • You continue to refine the message over time, seeing ever greater results from your same ad package, increasing your ROI month by month and year by year.

If that doesn’t sound like a worthy direct marketing campaign, we don’t know what does. See, direct response advertising works, but only if you do it right. It’s the “doing it right” piece that most other marketing agencies miss. That means they fail to target your audience effectively or forget to give them a clear path forward.

For instance, let’s say your goal is to get people to call you for funeral insurance. You would use direct mail final expense leads. The number on the mailing would encourage them to contact a call center and talk to our reps, who will then transfer them to you. See how that works? Yet so many direct marketing companies just toss together a direct mailing and send it out. When it doesn’t work, companies assume it’s the fault of the medium, which is old and outdated.

Not so, and this is lucky for you. Since so many people are “moving past” this technique, there’s more room for you to work your magic.

Get Direct Mail Marketing Plan Today

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