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Landing on the right creative strategy is no mean feat. We all know that some advertising works and some doesn’t, of course. The real question is, how do they do it? How do those companies who succeed in converting customer after customer pull it off? And if they’re your competitors, what are they doing that you’re not?

We can’t tell you exactly. Our crystal ball is only so precise, after all. What we can tell you is that most of those companies work with dedicated marketing professionals who know how to create ad copy that works. Whether it’s for television, radio, print or other media, your ads must follow a specific formula.

We know what that formula is. Do you?

The Lasting Power of Radio and Television Branding

The truth is, most companies aren’t sure how to approach marketing. That’s because it’s simply not their area of expertise. Let’s face it: You’re on this page because you offer a product or service other than marketing, right?

We’re going to go ahead and say “Right!” for you. There’s no reason to waste your time trying to hack advertising when you already have your own bailiwick. Instead, trust us to make you stand out from your competitors. We’ll do it through a variety of under-utilized strategies that actually work.

For instance, we love jingles. Many people mistakenly believe that jingles have gone the way of the dinosaur – not so. We routinely bring in topnotch leads and conversions with the power of a simple jingle. It’s amazing how much a catchphrase set to a few musical bars can make you stick.

That doesn’t mean you’re locked into one creative strategy in advertising, either. You can always change the message of your ads, but everyone will still know who you are because of that jingle. Future buyers also build a relationship with you. When it comes time to purchase a product or service like yours, they’ll think of you.

The Right Personalities to Endorse Your Product Effectively

Radio and television endorsements are another effective but underused strategy. For example, if you are running your ad and getting a decent ROI, you might figure that’s as good as it gets.

Not so! Redvo Advertising can suggest an on-air personality who is well-respected and who’s got a huge following in the community. Getting talent like that to endorse your product or service can prompt an even more significant increase in your ROI.

Despite the widespread perception of radio and television’s “antiquity,” they still work wonders for getting your prospects to call for more information – and to work with you.

But only if you do the job correctly. We help you pick the right personalities, who are educated about and believe in your brand. That way, when they communicate to their audiences, they do so with genuine enthusiasm. This has several benefits:

  • Customers feel they can skip the lengthy exploration process. That’s because someone they know and trust likes your products or services.
  • They’re readier to call right away, so they need fewer touches to convince them.
  • When they do call, they have fewer questions and suspicions.

Again, though, endorsement marketing ties your message directly to the person delivering it. That means it’s critical you choose personalities who will do you the best service. Again, that’s probably not your area of expertise, but we can help.

The Psychology of Audio/Visual Marketing

So why do these types of creative marketing strategies work? Because they build an emotional connection with your customers. Music, for instance, already has built-in abilities to pull at your heartstrings. When we hear words set to music, our brains are wired to tune in. Even if your consumer doesn’t realize it, they are cementing their awareness of your product.

Ditto endorsements from well-known television and radio personalities. When someone your consumers already trust tells them about your brand, they’re much more likely to believe in its efficacy. Ads just work better when they come from trusted personalities or run in beloved media publications, like local newspapers and magazines.

Would you like to bring some of that trusted creative strategy to your marketing plan? We invite you to learn more about us or contact us today. We look forward to exploring your options with you. Don’t wait to build the business-boosting advertising plan you’re looking for.

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