In the age of funnels and SEO, old-fashioned advertising techniques still win big

The Beginning of an Empire

So many of us have written radio off as an antiquated medium. It’s something we enjoy on the way home from work, or quietly at our desks. The same goes for other types of broadcast advertising, which have surely gone the way of the dinosaur, at least for the Everyman. (Excuse us, the Everyhuman.) Those who do use it have to be wealthy beyond imagination to make it work… right?

Here’s a secret: That’s not true at all, and Redvo’s story proves it.

Back in 2003, Fadi was 21 and working at a gas station making minimum wage. He wanted to bring in some extra income and decided to throw hip-hop concerts as a way to do it. Someone told him that if he wanted to be successful, he needed to advertise on the radio.

One night, he called a brand-new station to try a few ads – and not long after, his rep became the general manager of that station. He urged Fadi to get into ad sales. At first, Fadi was hesitant but intrigued (which is how all good things start, isn’t it?). He decided to give it a go, launching in January 2004. He’s been in radio and advertising ever since then.

What keeps Fadi engaged in his work every single day is the fact that this type of advertising really works. Using it, he can build a solid marketing strategy for any client who wants one, helping them grow quickly. With a campaign tailored to their individual goals, his clients see results sooner than they would have thought possible. Fadi loves seeing that growth and feels the same spark of success as the business owners with whom he works.

Talk about an Unfair Advantage!

Everyone’s got their own special superhero powers. For Redvo, it’s getting remarkable results for its advertising clients. After all, advertising success is not about a particular approach or message. It’s all about finding our clients’ unfair advantage in the market. This is the differentiator that puts you in a class all your own, uniquely positioned to deliver spectacular results for your customers.

Many people don’t understand this. They have been screwed by advertising promises in the past, and they’re always on the alert for the next bubble that will pop in their faces. That only happens when you throw darts at a board and hope for the best, though. Businesses that accurately target and leverage their unfair advantage can truly win big.

That’s what Fadi and Redvo Advertising do right. They can assess a company and determine its unfair advantage quickly, then play on that for all future advertising. From an outside perspective, this looks ingenious. But from the inside, it’s just an approach that not enough marketers take. Fadi and team look for the long-term solution, the right formula for each individual company. That includes:

  • Proper consistency and frequency
  • The right creative crafting the ads
  • The right medium and station on which to run them
  • Good rates that won’t break the marketing budget
  • Continual refreshing of the advertising approach

If a marketing campaign is missing even one of these elements, it won’t work. At Redvo, clients can rest assured that no ad will suffer due to negligence or lack of knowledge.

15 Years of Professional Advertising Prowess

From its humble roots as Fadi’s side job, Redvo Advertising has grown into a world-class advertising firm that gets the job done. It has amassed a variety of accolades in that time proving their prowess. For instance, the So Cal Broadcasters Association runs a class on how to sell radio in which each group has to do a presentation. No surprise here: one year, Faid’s group won.

Client success is another, and bigger, metric by which Redvo Advertising measures its success. The company once helped a company grow so quickly and effectively that they were able to escape bankruptcy, a whirlpool into which they were quickly sliding. The company has grown call centers grow from 4-6 people to taking over whole floors in their building.

Fadi and company attribute this success to a range of factors. They center on using unique strategies and the right calls to action. But they also include getting great endorsements from others, leveraging pre-negotiated rates with stations and channels, and constant research.

When you work with Redvo, moreover, you don’t just get Fadi. You get a whole team working on your account. Our media buyers, production people, account managers, research teams, and accountants work hard to help you win. You get the best deal, with the best results and the clearest metrics to leverage toward your next campaign.

Redvo’s philosophy? This is a marriage, not a one-night stand. You’ll find what you need here now, and over the long haul.

About Redvo Advertising

Fadi Faraj earned his marketing degree from Cal State University, San Bernardino. Today he enjoys spending time with his young family and three dogs or traveling to watery realms. He loves to SCUBA dive and is studying to be an instructor. So far, his favorite spot is The Pit in Tulum.

When he’s not marveling at underwater sinkholes, Fadi is thinking about how to help his clients on the local, regional and national level reach even greater success.

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